The April 9 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 24 members and 5 guests: Garry Lavender (5th visit), Tom Vinito (4th visit), Danielle Johnson (3rd visit), Justin Rodenburg (3rd visit), and David Cai (1st visit)
Our location is at the East Bluffs Homeowners Community at 2414 Vista Del Oro, Newport Beach.  Please remember to park on Vista del Oro or in the park’s parking lot and not in the Homeowners Community lot.  
Feel free to our club’s website at
The theme was: “Tales Around the Campfire”. The word of the day was: “maladriot”.
The Winners were:
  1. Best Table Topics = Joe Gomez
  2. Colette Gardner Spark Plug Award = Steve Babyak
  3. Risk Taker =  Samuel Quinta
  4. Best Evaluator = Michelle Hudson
  5. Most Improved Speaker =  Samuel Quinta
  6. Second Best Speaker = Katharine Hanson
  7. Best Speaker =  Monica Jerez
President: Steve Babyak
Toastmaster: Steven Wolfe
Table Topics Master: Justin Li
General Evaluator:  Will Hanson
  • Samuel Quinta – Pathways – Level 1, Speech #2 – Through the Windshield
  • Monica Jerez – Pathways – Level 1, Speech #2 – A Mom’s Dream
  • Katharine Hanson – Advanced Manual, Storytelling – Project #4 – “Praying for a Pet”
  • Steve Babyak – Advanced Manual, Storytelling – Project #2 – “Stomach Ache”
Evaluators: Miguel Fierro, Irina Shetty, Michelle Hudson, Alex Obradovic
Old Business:
– Please always bring and use your manuals, both Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership.
 It is important to keep our introductions, invocation, toast, educational minute and joke, short.
– Please note that we are not to park in the street or lot because it is reserved for the residents.
New Business:
– We went over the schedule for next week.
– Dr. Bob reminded us that when you are Balloteer, an award isn’t given if the winner of the category has less than 4 votes, and that when you are Timer, you stand 15 seconds into the 30 seconds passed the stated time, and sit down 15 seconds later to demonstrate disqualification for going over time.
Secretary’s Notes:
–  Note that the To: line of this email always has the most up to date email list of members.  The CC line contains each week’s guests.
Breanne Eshelman

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