The August 12, 2019 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 21 members, and no guests.

This was our second meeting at the new location in the Bayview Conference Room at 100 Bayview Circle, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Also see and we are on

The theme was: “Sports”.  The word of the day was “Obfuscate”

The winners were:

Best Table Topics = Tom Smagala

Spark Plug Award = Cyn Hannah

Risk Taker = Cyn Hannah

Most Improved Speaker = Jola Jablonska

Best Evaluator = Steve Babyak

Second Best Speaker = Cyn Hannah

Best Speaker = Cipri Vang

Toastmaster: Krista Messenbrink

Table Topics Master: Irina Shetty

General Evaluator: Louis Raymond


Jolanta Jablonska – “The Way to Lasting Happiness”

Kelly Hu – “Good or Bad Hard to Say!”

Cyn Hannah- “More and Fun Happiness”

Cipri Vang “I am”



Beatrix Wen

Austin Shake

Laurie Anderson

Steve Babyak


Old Business:  Our meetings will be at 100 Bayview Circle, Newport Beach, CA 92660. BRING your PARKING TICKET to the meeting for Validation.  Parking is free with the validated ticket from security.  Pick-Up your validated tickets on your way out. SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS as a visual reference.

Spiro Demetriadi resigned as VP of Membership.  Beatrix Wen volunteered to take on the role of VP of Membership.


Regarding missing more than 3 meetings in a row, a work-related absence is excused if the member provides notice and finds a replacement for their role.

Club specifics: Currently the club is at the maximum number of members which is 35.  If a member misses more than 3 meetings in a row that is not related to travel, illness, or business that member will moved to the inactive list. If a member is unable to attend a meeting it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement. Remember to fill your role if you are unable to attend.

Once the inactive member returns to meetings the member will be admitted before the guests if there is a waitlist at that time.

It is important to keep our introductions, invocation, toast, educational minute and joke, short.

Per David Hosmer: He would like our “success stories” for the O. C. Toastmasters Newsletter. He’d like to feature our success stories using the skills gained in Toastmasters, and how we’ve applied them outside of Toastmasters through travels, getting connected with others, encouraging others, etc. In spring of 2019 there will be speaker contests for area, division, and district. If anyone is interested in submitting a success story or signing up for a contest, you may contact David Hosmer at

Pathways – A lot of people are having issues with Pathways, so if you have questions, please contact Toastmasters International member support at (720) 439-5050.

Please use the contacts from the most current email of minutes, when you send an email. There are old members receiving emails, that don’t want to be included anymore.

There’s a link with google to rate our club, so please go in and give a rating.

New Business:  Mentoring program, who has a mentee, who has a mentor. Filling roles has been tough, so we are increasing our numbers from 32 to 35. Jola and Karen are volunteering to be “ticket masters” (supporting Michelle with parking tickets).

Officer meetings once a month.

Secretary’s Notes:  Note that the To: line of this email always has the most up to date email list of members.  The CC line contains each week’s guests.


Melanie Sears

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