The July 13th, 2020 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 19 members and 3 guests:

Our meetings are now held online via zoom conferencing tool to download please visit zoom.

Theme: “Summertime Activities.” Word of the Day: “Louche”
  1. Meeting Roles
  • Toastmaster:
Carl Tung
  • Table Topics Master:
Zip Zieper
  • General Evaluator:
Steve Babyak
  1. Speakers
  1. Shiva Batchu
  1. The ‘How’ of the Toastmasters Experience
  1. Steve Babyak
  1. Steve’s Excellent Adventure
  1. Christi Mottola
  1. The Happiness Project
  1. Evaluators
  1. Roman Vilensky
  1. Cyn Hannah
  1. Brenda Ryan


  1. The Winners
  Best Table Topics   Colette Gardner Spark Plug Award  
  Lory N.   Steve Babyak  
  Most Improved Speaker   Best Evaluator  
  Shiva Batchu   Cyn Hannah  
  Risk Taker   Second Best Speaker  
  Shiva Batchu    
    Best Speaker    
    Shiva Batchu    
  1. New Business:
  • Guests are asked to discuss their experience at the meeting.
  • Shiva mentions Distinguished Club Goals to be continued at another meeting.
  1. Old Business:
  • It is important to keep our introductions, invocation, toast, educational minute and joke, short.
  • Club Specific: If a member misses more than 3 meetings in a row that is not related to travel, illness, or business that member will moved to the inactive list. If a member is unable to attend a meeting it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement. Remember to fill your role if you are unable to attend. Once the inactive member returns to meetings the member will be admitted before the guests if there is a waitlist at that time.

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