The July 15, 2019 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 26 members, and 3 guests (Doug Tobe, Ryan Wick 3rd visit, Danny Del Giorno)

Our old ocation is at The Bluffs Homeowners Community Association, Fiesta Room at 2414 Vista Del Oro, NewportBeach.  Please remember to park on Vista del Oro or in the park’s parking lot and not in the Homeowners Community lot.

Also see and we are on

The theme was: “Magic of Believing”.  The word of the day was “Destiny”

The winners were:

Best Table Topics = Tom Smagala

Colette Gardner Spark Plug Award = Beatrix Wen

Risk Taker = Beatrix Wen

Most Improved Speaker = Krista Mesenbrink

Best Evaluator = Dustin Rich

Second Best Speaker = Beatrix Wen

Best Speaker = Irina Shetty


Toastmaster: Lory Nemnich

Table Topics Master: Louis Raymond

General Evaluator: John Hawkotte




Beatrix Wen “It is Perfectly Okay to be Imperfect”

Austin Shake “The People Who Changed My Life”

Krista Mesenbrink “From Letting Go of Proving Myself to Listening Instead”

Irina Shetty “A Little Bit About Me”



Cyn Hannah, Dustin Rich, Will Hanson, Garry Lavender



Regarding missing more than 3 meetings in a row, a work-related absence is excused if the member provides notice and finds a replacement for their role.


Currently, the club is at the maximum number of members which is 32.  If a member misses more than 3 meetings in a row that is not related to travel, illness, or business that member will moved to the inactive list. If a member is unable to attend a meeting it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement. Remember to fill your role if you are unable to attend.

Once the inactive member returns to meetings the member will be admitted before the guests if there is a waitlist at that time.

We are unsure we can keep using our current space and will know more in July but as a precaution, if anyone has any ideas of another appropriate space let Shiva Batchu know.

We will update you every week to keep you informed.

It is important to keep our introductions, invocation, toast, educational minute and joke, short.

Per David Hosmer: He would like our “success stories” for the O. C. Toastmasters Newsletter. He’d like to feature our success stories using the skills gained in Toastmasters, and how we’ve applied them outside of Toastmasters through travels, getting connected with others, encouraging others, etc. In spring of 2019 there will be speaker contests for area, division, and district. If anyone is interested in submitting a success story or signing up for a contest, you may contact David Hosmer at

Pathways A lot of people are having issues with Pathways, so if you have questions, please contact Toastmasters International member support at (720) 4395050. 

Please use the contacts from the most current email of minutes, when you send an email. There are old members receiving emails, that don’t want to be included anymore.

There’s a link with google to rate our club, so please go in and give a rating.

Clarifying the Timekeeping Guidelines :  Most speeches are 5minutes. For example,  when the speaker has reached the minimum time of 5 minutes the Green Light comes on. When the speaker has reached 6 minutes the Yellow Light comes on. When the speaker reaches 7 minutes the Red Light comes on.  After 15 seconds, at 7 minutes 15 seconds, the Timer stands up.  At this point you have 15 more seconds to finish your speech.  Once the timer sits down at 7 1/2 minutes the speaker is disqualified.  The Table Topics portion of the meeting speaking time is typically 40 seconds (Green), 50 seconds(Yellow), 60 seconds(Red) and Evaluations are 1 minute 30 seconds(Green), 1 minute 45 seconds (Yellow) and 2 minutes (Red).

New Business:  We voted as a Club to relocate to Michelle Hudson’s office building but we are going to still pursue our current space to have it as an option for a possible future use.  Next meeting, July 22, 2019, we will update you on the moving date.

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