The November 28 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 22 members and four guests: Jerry, Glenn (both 1st visit), Tyler (previous visitor) and Peter (3rd visit).

Our location is at the East Bluffs Homeowners Community at 2414 Vista Del Oro, Newport Beach.

The theme was: “Cyber Monday”. The word of the day was: “patronage”.

The winners were:

Best Table Topics = Cynthia
Spark Plug = Steven
Risk Taker = Dinh
Best Evaluator = Chris
Most Improved Speaker = Steven
Second Best Speaker = Katharine
Best Speaker = Steven

Presiding: Dustin
Toastmaster: Cyn
Table Topics Master: Carl
General Evaluator: Brendan

Steven – Number 2 – “Three Steps to Political Discourse”
Dinh – Advance – Persuasive – Number 3 – “Servant Leadership”
Katharine – Advance – Technical – Number 2 – “Club Leadership”

Evaluators: Alex, Chris, Dr. Bob.

Old Business:
– Please always bring and use your manuals, both Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership.
It is important to keep our introductions, invocation, toast, educational minute and joke, short.
– Please note that we are not to park in the street because it is reserved for the residents.

New Business:
– Dustin asked for volunteers for the officers for January 1 to June 30, 2017. A ballot was distributed but there was one member for each office except for Sergeant-atarms. Since SAA is tedious, Cynthia, Tracie will perform that duty but Daniel will help them at first.
The new officers are:
President: Cyn
VPE: Christi
VP PR: Brendan
VP Membership Roddy
Treasurer: Daniel
Secretary: Colette
Sergeant-at-Arms: Cynthia, Tracie, Daniel
Webmaster: Tom
Videographer: Will
Parliamentarian: Dr. Bob
– The Installation of officers will be on January 8 at the Yacht club as per Will.
– There will not be meetings on December 26 and January 2.
– Christi read the schedule for next week.



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