The September 14th, 2020 meeting of the Newport Center Toastmasters Club was attended by 14 members and 1 Guest.

Our meetings are now held online via zoom conferencing tool to download please visit zoom.

Visit easy-speak and confirm your role for the next meeting!

Theme: “Quotes and Sayings”                Word of the Day:   “Grateful”                                        

  1. Meeting Roles                                                          

–        Toastmaster:                                       Laurie Anderson

–        Table Topics Master:                           Michelle Hudson

–        General Evaluator:                              Laurie Anderson


  1. Speakers                                                                
  2. Cipri Vang                                         Shiva 2.0
  3. Brenda Ryan                                     How to Wrap the KH Way
  4. Christi Mottola                                   Listen to your Gut
  5. April Braswell                                    What is Hypnosis?


III.        Evaluators                                                              

  1. Zip Zieper
  2. Krista Messenbrink
  3. David Rosenthal
  4. Shiva Batchu


  1. The Winners                                                           

Best Table Topics            Colette Gardner Spark Plug Award

Karen Mileski                                            April Braswell


Most Improved Speaker               Best Evaluator

Shiva Batchu                                         David Rosenthal


Risk Taker                    Second Best Speaker

April Braswell                                       Katharine Hanson

Best Speaker

Christi Mottola


  1. New Business:                                                         

–   New Member: Induct new member Robert Dreyfus to the club, Welcome Robert!

–   Guest Feedback: Request for feedback from our guest Eloise on what she thought of the meeting.

–   Club Dues:  Shiva reminds the club that Club dues are due to Toastmasters International by October 1st,
and to work with club treasurer, Lory Nemnich, to make sure dues are paid prior to the deadline.

–   Meeting Roles: Read and confirm meeting roles for next meeting.


  1. Old Business:                                                           

–   Club Specific: If a member misses more than 3 meetings in a row that is not related to travel, illness, or business that member will be moved to the inactive list.

–     Inactive and/or former members will be given priority over guests when there is a waitlist to join.

–     If a member is unable to attend a meeting it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement. Remember to fill your role if you are unable to attend!
–    Guests must attend 3 meetings in order to be eligible to join Club 231-F. Note: Does NOT have to be consecutive meetings.

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